Speaking at PASS Summit 2019

As I announced before, I had the honor to be selected as speaker for PASS Summit this year. This is a huge deal for me as data professional and also as Guatemalan, because I will be the very first person to represent my country in this great event.

If you are interested to learn more about SQL Server on containers and how to create automated database solutions. Stop by my session on November 06th – Room 612 at 15:15 PM PST.

Here are some details of this session:

  • Working with SQL Server containers to build database solutions
    Containers are no longer the future, they are the present and are here to change the way DBAs used to think about building SQL Server solutions. Spending long periods of time installing, configuring, and preparing databases and SQL Server instances is no longer the case with containers.In this session, you will learn the basic and advanced methods to deploy a SQL Server solution using containers in minutes. We will explore the options and tools (open source) we have available when working with SQL Server running on Docker containers through real world scenarios, like backing up\restoring databases, high availability, version upgrades, and the most important portability between cross platforms.

PASS Summit is the world’s largest community for technical data professionals come together for a week of learning, networking, career development and fun. Over 5,000 attendees receive world-class, practical training on the latest technologies and services from global industry experts.

Make sure to download the PASS events App to have up-to-date information on schedules, on-site activities, maps, announcements, Microsoft at Summit, and more.

Looking to see you at PASS Summit 2019.

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